It cannot be overstated the importance and contribution to overall wellness that is derived from upper body resistive and cardio workouts.

It is well know that Breast cancer survivors have a 75% beter rate against the chance of recidivism if they participate in upper body, resistive workouts, it is logical to extrapolate therefore, that even in women [and males too] who have not been subject to cancer that this type of upper body workout will reduce the risk of cancer and increase their overall full body wellbeing.

The entire lymphatic system of the body, drains near the left shoulder lymph nodes and although running, jogging and lower body exercise are beneficial, one of the primary purposes of exercise for full body wellness is the stimulation of the lymph system to drain the body of toxins. Only upper body resistive cardio can do this.

Upper body resistive cardio work can be somewhat difficult to access (unlike treadmills and cycling ergometers) but SkiFast provides this very solution; it is the pump that stimulates activity in the lymph glands in order to flush toxins, reduce swelling and promote overall body wellness.

Upper body strength is essential, because the upper body controls your ability to perform everyday activities such as reaching, pulling, pushing and lifting. Having a strong upper body improves your flexibility, mobility and range of motion. So SkiFast is not just exercise, it is part of a wellness solution for life. Just a few minutes of SkiFast workout a day will see a lifetime of wellness benefits. SkiFast takes up such a small footprint space and can be easily installed in any home, gym, garage …

The question to ask yourself is - Are you in?