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Stand an adequate distance away from your SkiFast Ergometer so that upon recoil / return [both with single and double] poling the returning ropes remain taught and that your hands or SkiFast handles do not make contact with the guide roller boom. This boom can be adjusted vertically to provide the correct height.

We recommend the use of Swix Ski Straps to clip into your SkiFast handles. This will make your experience more comfortable and increase your ability to grip the SkiFast handle. It will also allow familiar integration with your Skiing equipment. Alternatively your SkiFast is supplied with a retaining strap.

Stand with your hands at shoulder width and approx 5 inches above your head. Your hands should be slightly bent- place your feet also shoulder width apart.
Drive downward with both handles if double poling using your core, and abdomen muscles bending at both your trunk [waist] and at the knees. Maintain the bend in your arms keeping the handles relatively close to your face. If you are single poling the action will be more static- but the same principles of engaging and using the core muscles will apply.
Finish the Drive with both knees bent and arms extended downwards close to your thighs.
Bring your arms back up and straighten your body to return to the start position – when returning it is also possible to extend onto your toes ready for the next downward pull.
Try also having one foot leading and another behind and alternate the leading foot – this will introduce a upper body torsional element to the workout.