Set Up

Here are the Assembly and Users Manuals for your SkiFast Ergometer:
Mast Assembly
Stand Assembly
Handle Assembly
Console User Guide

After assembling your SkiFast Ergometer:

Adjust the height of the guide roller boom to your preferred height.
Before starting to exercise, refer to and take note of the information contained in the “Safety” and “Warm-up” tabs.
Using the resistance adjustment lever located on the flywheel - experiment and select your preferred, most comfortable resistance level. 0 = least resistance and 9 = most resistance. The resistance settings work rather like the gears on your bicycle- lower resistance will require less force -but you will not travel so far- Greater resistance will require more force – but you will travel further. It is important to set the resistance level at an appropriate level for your strength and fitness level- but ultimately, at whatever level feels most comfortable for you, and what resistance level you feel you can maintain for the duration of your workout. It is not uncommon to set the resistance level too high and this can be detrimental to your overall experience- so we suggest until you are fully familiar with your SkiFast –be conservative. The resistance level can also be used to replicate an alteration in terrain so uphill style work would require a higher resistance level – perhaps in conjunction with single poling- and flat or downhill double poling and lower resistance level.
Once you have set your preferred resistance level- Calibrate and enter your weight into the onboard console. Please refer to the on-board console manual for instructions. Please further read the Technique page.