Set Up

In order that injuries and / or accidents can be minimized, the following evaluation needs to be addressed and taken
into taken into consideration by the user prior to use, and or by both coaches or supervisors.

Who might be harmed?
Advice given or taken for controlling the risk?
Further Control Measures?
Finger, hair entrapment?
Users and on-lookers should be warned about putting fingers in or around the flywheel, near pulleys and ropes. [A warning notice is already posted on the SkiFast flywheel]
Users and on-lookers should be warned about the possibility of being struck by the operator
On-lookers must stay clear and out of the ‘no go’ [safe working] area and from the immediate vicinity of Ergometer.
Strain Injuries
Users must use an appropriate resistance for the skier / user?
Instruction should be given by a coach or responsible overseer and caution taken by the skier / user, so as not to over exert themselves.
Lifting and handling advice and training given when moving the Ergometer.
Exercise induced stress
Users and or coaches must not pressure other users when using the Ergometer
Caution with regard to over extending the exercise intensity or exercise duration and should be used especially when not familiar with the Ergometer.
Skin abrasions / blisters may occur – especially when new to the SkiFast Ergometer. If these occur consult your physician or healthcare professional.
Slips & Trips
Ensure that there are no items of equipment lying around- that could lead to a trip.
Ensure other training activities are kept at a distance.
Ergometer Collapsing - Users to ensure all adjustments, nuts and bolts are secure and functional prior to exercise.