SkiRace Express is our Interactive; real-time Racecourse format based interactive software. SkiRace Express allows one or Multiple SkiFast Ergometers to be con- nected together on a custom settable interactive regatta course. SkiRace Express allows you to train individually with live partners - or you have the option to set up to 12 other Virtual pace skiers to accompany you and your workout partners. The SkiRace Express software also allows you to set variable Split and pace times for the pace paddlers.

SkiRace Express also features:
Virtual Pace Skiers
Programmable Virtual Pace skiers can join your session, the data for each one of these Virtual competitors can be pre-set and programmed, by Name speed and also by split / pace times. You can set up to a total of 12 programmable/ live or virtual pace paddlers and competitors- This allows you to be able to train and race with others or Virtual competitors- with settable varying paces paddlers. This is an ideal enhancement for individual or group/ club / Gym training sessions.

Price: $220 USD