Genesis Port Bluetooth Smart Console

Genesis Port – Bluetooth Smart Console can be retrofitted to any of our ergometers; by simply plugging into the ergometer into the flywheel pick up. Once installed the Genesis Port allows you to wirelessly connect your phone or tablet by Bluetooth to any one of your devices. [Additional devices not included], so that your device now becomes your multifunctional console.

You will then not only experience greater visibility of the standard and customizable data display, but have a whole range of customizable options for your data display directly on your tablet or phone and can select from a range of interactive screen options.


Then just one of the most interesting developments, is that we have then partnered with Kinomap to integrate our ergometers to their visual HD videos, to their data training platforms – all using the HD fully interactive Geolocated Videos.

This incredible platform allows a fully interactive and integrated visual and data driven experience for all paddlers using our products.

This immersive experience adds a whole new dimension to indoor training. You can paddle almost anywhere in the world from your KayakPro® Ergometer.

Your ergometer performance is fully integrated with the Geo-located video – so you effectively become the participant in the video!

We are currently developing many different Geo-located courses and paddling locations to offer a range of different training and paddling possibilities.

You can even record your own experience using your own GPS Action camera and upload it to Kinomap and re-live or practice on your favorite course.

Once Kinomap is displayed on your iOS or Android device you can even send this to a large screen TV or even video wall to create a truly immersive interactive experience.

Kinomap Key Features

  • Separate scrolling screens features 1. performance data, 2. competition positions, a 3. leader board and 4. Google map location positions.
  • Your detailed training data is automatically recorded and is stored in Kinomap account or can be shared to your cloud-based training data app – Garmin Connect, Strava, Training Peaks
  • You can compete against others on their recorded video courses and they in turn can compete against you on yours; you can compete against your own previous performances.
  • Google Map interactive.
  • All real time performance data [HR, distance, time, Watts, Cal Stroke rate. And much more] displayed on the HD Video screen.
  • Fully interactive and inter-reactive HD Geolocated videos.

This experience must be tried to be believed.

The genesis Port - Smart console interface also allows through an iOS / Android touch screen device access to our KayakPro calibration app. and our other KayakPro software platforms / apps like Dashboard, Performance monitor and soon iRace.

The Genesis Port – Smart console interface is availible at $ 240.00 Plus shipping.

You can use your own phone, tablet or preferred device to display. A discounted launch offering at $ 210 + shipping is availible using Promocode GenesisPort.

…Continue to watch this space as we also have some even more groundbreaking technological advances heading this way soon. Contact us for more detail

Buy Genesis Port - Smart Console

Pre-order introductory offer $ 210.00 Plus shipping – using Promocode “GenesisPort

Comes supplied complete with its own charger.

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