On-Board Console

The real time feedback from SkiFast’s on-board console allows the efficiency of an athlete’s performance to be monitored. His or her technique can then be adjusted or modified accordingly in order to develop the athlete’s most efficient technique. The Athletes weight adjusted data feedback from the on-board console ensures that the athlete’s performance is comparative to both his own past performances and / or the data from the performances of others. The SkiFast Ergometer is calibrated each time the athlete uses it, to ensure that location specific data [taking into consideration humidity, altitude, temperature and airflow] is also processed within the data algorithm and used to produce accurate data feedback. Pace, distance, speed, Watts, calories, Heart rate, time, KCal, and frequency are all monitored and displayable on the on-board console.

The functions of the on-board console can be extended to use 2 x available Software options- SkiRaceExpress and eMonitorPro2. These software options allow either [eMonitorPro2] in-depth analysis of your performance or in the case of SkiRaceExpress- SkiFast to SkiFast racing or the setting of pace skiers to accompany you on your training runs.

Download On-Board Console Manual

SkiFast USA LLC are proud partners of the ANT+ Data transfer system.

In order to ensure integration of the heart rate on the On board console- you will need to purchase an ANT+ compatible HR Transmitter.

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